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Products That Work
Synergy offers dietary supplements that are highly effective for everyone and even adopted by elite athletes who publicly advocate their use. Use the site menu to view information about specific products - and why not try for yourself by ordering a 3 month trial of their scientifically validated cardiovascular health drink: ProArgi-9+
Purity and Quality
Synergy have the most stringent quality control in the world.  The entire supply chain for every product is audited and then all batches are tested on arrival at the manufacturing facility.  Synergy employ 600+ quality checks; their advanced purity tests can detect contaminants and toxins down to 1 part in a trillion.

The Company

Synergy Worldwide was founded in 1999 by visionary Dan Higginson.  Launched in Japan it is now headquartered in the USA, with a turnover of approximately $165 million, and operates in 26 countries across the world.

Since 2000, Synergy has been a part of Natures Sunshine which has 45 years of manufacturing experience and is publicly listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (reference NATR).