Dr Pier Mario Biava

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The Story of the Research

This timeline takes us from 1982 through to today.  Follow the research and clinical trials in sequence: you can use this site to access Dr Biava's published papers.

Cancer and the Search for Lost Meaning

Dr Biava's book, in 168 pages, describing his lifework. From an initial instinct, through tests and then medical trials, this book describes how Dr Biava  developed a new approach and understanding of how to treat cancer.

Cancer and the Search for Lost Meaning

Information Medicine : new book from Dr Biava and Ervin Laszlo!

The ideas forwarded in this new book by Ervin Laszlo and Pier Mario Biava are rare, even in a rapidly changing landscape where science is re-evaluating time-honored concepts on every side. The seed idea of “in-formation” has the potential to change everything—for real. Deepak Chopra

Publication Date: March 2019